Zubed's Enagage platform is now an integral part of the Mid Suffolk Community Auditor programme. This imaginative engagement project will improve community involvement and facilitate ongoing consultation with its residents across multiple service areas.

Zubed ‘Big Society’ Delivers 24/7 Community Consultation

Following an internal consultation with Council services and Police Partners the Mid Suffolk Community Safety Manager has invested in a new tool to help deliver the “Big Society” concept to the public.

The web based consultation system has been purchased to enhance community involvement in Mid Suffolk. The system allows the public, voluntary and statutory agencies to upload information about what they see and are doing in communities.

Mid Suffolk Community Safety Manager, John Spitzer, said; “The system will allow an ongoing consultation to take place informing the public, parish, district and county council’s service providers and the police thus improving information sharing and responses.”

The system is web based and uses a map format to allow identification, using various icons, of issues that matter. Services can link phone numbers, pictures, email addresses and web pages to the event that is being uploaded. Events go through a moderation process prior to going live, but once live they are visible to anyone else using the system.

The system is being launched with the “Community Auditor” project, which had identified key individuals throughout the community who are committed to using the system. Although, anyone can view and upload information these key individuals “Community Auditors” will be the backbone and the main contributors.

The Community Auditors have been identified through Tenant Forums, Neighbourhood Watch, Police Sources, PTA and Parish Councils.

The system will be used in conjunction with the Safer Neighbourhood teams, ASB Teams, Bluetooth Systems, Parish, Town and District meetings and news letters. It is envisioned that all council services will benefit from the use of the system. Areas such as planning, housing, community development, arts, sports and country side teams will be able to see what residents are saying when planning events and be able to advise residents about what is being planned throughout the district.

The Zubed system provides an easy to use and understand platform and offers big returns in the area of community consultation. It is in line with the ethos of “Big Society” and is a very cost effective means to engage with the community. It is not planned to replace face to face consultation events but will provide information to more specifically target these live events while doing away with meeting for meetings sake.”

John Spitzer, Community Safety Manager, Mid Suffolk District Council

Acknowledgment – this article was taken from the November 2010 edition of Network News, the official publication of the National Community Safety Network.

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